Who is at high risk of body dissatisfaction?

Bullying has been in the news, not least because it was Anti Bullying Week in the UK last week, so it’s a good time to revisit this great post from Kirsty Lee... Read more »

The Prevalence of Orthodontics and Aesthetic Demands among Thai women

Why don’t you choose to wear braces to enhance your teeth? You would look better after getting your braces off!  You should find a way to reduce the size of your face! ... Read more »

Too dark skinned to win Strictly: Alexandra Burke, race hate and why love still matters

As it is currently Black History Month, it seems a good opportunity to revisit this brilliant post from Shirley Tate from 2018.  In 2017, I was approached by a fashion editor on... Read more »

My Journey to Wholeness with Hair Loss

I’ve gone on quite a journey with my hair. From having afro hair down to my back in my university days, to several straightening perms, reverting to my natural hair, losing most... Read more »

How being in nature promotes healthier body image

The idea of nature acting as “tonic” for urban society, with the potential to promote physical health and well-being has a long history [1]. In the early modern period, for example, greenspaces... Read more »

Objective Ageing?

 We are interested in ageing in material objects and in people. Norms of beauty are relevant here; beauty is persistently associated with youth and newness and this has affected our relationship with... Read more »

Face-ism in 21st Century Visual Culture needs to be Eliminated

We were very sad to hear the news of the death of James Partridge on the 16th August 2020 (https://faceequalityinternational.org/news/james-announcement/). James was an amazing man, a true trail-blazer in his campaigning for... Read more »

Sweatshops and Shame

With claims that the recent rise in coronavirus cases in Leicester was partly due to ‘sweatshop’ working conditions in some textile factories, we revisit Maeve McKeown’s post from 2017 on this issue:  Should... Read more »

Beauty without the Beast: Can we learn from Lockdown?

As lockdown eases in the UK, we are returning to the hairdresser and beauty salon in droves. In our visual and virtual culture, beauty matters. So desperate were we to cover our... Read more »

Cosmetic Procedures and COVID-19: “Trivial” or “Essential Services”?

The current COVID 19 crisis has had a serious effect on society in the UK and elsewhere with the threat to life of a contagious disease.  It has led to individuals having... Read more »